DB Interfaces

DB Interfaces

Available providers for databases:

  • MS SQL Server / AsureSQL
  • MongoDB
  • RavenDB
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

If you are using a different database, you need to implement following interfaces:

  • IPersistenceProvider
  • ISchemePersistenceProvider
  • IWorkflowGenerator


  • WorkflowProcessScheme - Contains snapshot of process scheme, taken at the moment of creating new process. Used for versioning of schemes.
  • WorkflowProcessInstance - Contains main parameters of the process, such as current state, previous state etc.
  • WorkflowProcessInstancePersistenc - Contains user defined parameters of the process marked as "Persisted".
  • WorkflowProcessTransitionHistory - Contains history of the process’ transitions.
  • WorkflowProcessInstanceStatus - Contains information about process execution status (running or idled).
  • WorkflowRuntime - Will be presented in future versions.
  • WorkflowScheme - Contains master schemes for creating new processes