Code actions

Code actions

Article: Code actions in The Workflow Designer.

Used to define the custom actions.


# Attribute name Description
1 Name Name
2 Type

Types of Code actions:

  1. Condition - used in Transition's conditions. 
  2. Action - used in Activity's implementations and pre-execution implementations
  3. RuleGet - used in Actor as rule
  4. RuleCheck - used in Actor as rule

Is global

Global flag. If the flag is set, then code actions may be use in other scheme.

4 Edit code

Implementation in a code

If you click on the button «Edit code», then open window.

If you click on «Compile», then engine can try compile the code on server and will show the result.

The block «Usings» use for define current namespaces.

Required namespaces:

  • OptimaJet.Workflow
  • OptimaJet.Workflow.Core.Model

For disable this function use the method: WorkflowRuntime.DisableActionCode.