In Activity, indicate the document status, a set of methods that must be executed when a document reaches a specific Activity. 

The item is displayed as a rectangle.


 #  Item Description
1 Name Name of current activity
2 State State of current activity
3 Delete Deleting this activity
4 Create activity and transition Create new Activity and Transition (From: current activity; To: new activity)
5 Create transition Create new Transition (From: current activity)


When you double-click on the rectangle opens editing form.


 #  Attribute name Description
1 Name Name
2 State State name
3 Initial The flag that specifies the initial status
4 Final The flag that specifies the final status
5 For set state Determines possibility to set this state through the function "Set State"
6 Auto scheme update Determines that if process scheme obsolete Workflow Runtime will try upgrade it automatically
7 Implementation Describes a set of Action*, which will be executed in case of the execution of Activity
8 PreExecution Implementation Activities which running when PreExecute method in WorkflowRuntime is called

* List of action gets through the IWorkflowActionProvider.